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Late term abortion?

Pre-born victims of crime?

Sex selective abortion?


Welcome to lifeTOUR, a cross-country tour spearheaded by with more than 20 events across the country. Do you want to make a difference for pre-born children in Canada? Together we can ensure pre-born human rights are discussed during the 2015 federal election, and work to bring an end to unregulated abortion in Canada.


So what is the goal of this tour? lifeTOUR seeks to ensure that Canada’s leaders cannot ignore the injustice that is being committed against 100,000 of our pre-born neighbours every single year.


We aim to provide everything that you need to feel equipped for engaging your candidate in this discussion. In addition to learning where the different political parties stand, this site will inform you with questions to ask the candidates, petitions to sign, and action items such as lawn signs, window decals and t-shirts to carry the message forward. Come out to an event in your area, engage your candidate through emails, phone calls, social media, or questions at all-candidates’ meetings, or all of the above!


Together we can make a difference for our pre-born neighbours!

Where we're headed!

All lifeTOUR events will feature three of the following highly qualified speakers. They will share with you what science says about the pre-born child and whether or not Canadian law reflects this scientific understanding. You will also listen to stories from the front lines detailing the cultural shift taking place as Canadians become aware of what abortion does to the smallest members of the human family. Finally, you will be presented with three specific laws that would advance pre-born human rights and have a good possibility of being passed in the next 3-8 years – and what you can do to build support for them!


André Schutten

Lawyer, ARPA Canada

Speaker Bio


Mike Schouten


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Devorah Gilman

Community Liaison, CCBR

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Maaike Rosendal

Campus Outreach Director, CCBR

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the issues

Do Pre-born Children Matter?

Abortion based on gender

Gendercide is something we hear about in relation to other countries and cultures, where men are valued much more highly than women. That inequality begins in the womb, and that inequality is happening legally in Canada. Evidence shows that many more girls than boys face abortion, particularly in certain cultures within Canada. You can read more about sex-selective abortion here.




Late-term Abortion

These abortions happen too late in the pregnancy for chemical abortion. The pre-born baby must be forcibly torn apart and removed, piece by piece, from his or her mother. Many of these babies would be able to survive outside the womb if born prematurely. Recent evidence from the United States suggests that these babies suffer immense pain during this procedure, also known as dismemberment abortion.

You can read more about late-term abortions here.





If a pregnant woman dies as the result of a crime, her baby has no legal status to warrant an additional charge against the offender. This is true even if someone attacks a pregnant woman with the proven intent of killing her baby. Criminal wrongs done to pregnant women do not take into account the wanted children they carry and, as such, full justice for these women is never carried out.

Read more about the need to protect pre-born victims of crime here.

Sex-selective abortion


  1. Do you think it’s right for someone to have an abortion based on gender?
  2. (If not…) What are you going to do to end sex-selective abortion?
  3. How can we say, as Canadians, that we believe in gender equality, yet allow people to abort healthy babies based on gender preference?
  4. How can we ensure our culture doesn’t start to devalue females in general when many people are choosing to abort girls without any consequences?




  1. Example of a Tweet: Hi @________. Curious, are you okay with abortion when it is only based on gender? #lifetour #election2015
  2. Example of a Tweet: Hi @________. Do you support women’s rights for women of all ages? #defendgirls #lifetour #elxn42


Late-term abortion


  1. How late in a pregnancy do you think a woman should be allowed to have an abortion?
  2. Do you think the government should fund abortions when a baby would be viable outside the womb?
  3. Does it bother you that North Korea and China are the only other nations besides Canada with no restrictions on abortion?
  4. If you’re really serious about a woman’s right to choose what she does with her own body, how do you reconcile that with making drugs illegal, or drunk driving, or even just being topless in a restaurant? Don’t we live in a society full of regulations on what we can do with our own bodies?




  1. Example of a Tweet: I think dismembering human beings is wrong. What do you think @______? #lifetour #election2015
  2. Example of a Tweet: Do you support a late-term #abortion law? @_________ #elxn42 #lifetour


Pre-born Victims


  1. Do you think the killer of a pregnant woman should have a harsher sentence than the killer of someone who isn’t pregnant?
  2. Where is the justice for a pregnant woman who wanted her baby but loses that baby in a crime committed by someone else? (For example, she is hit by a drunk driver, survives, but loses her baby - that driver will be charged only with impaired driving, not impaired driving causing death, which has completely different sentencing guidelines).
  3. If pre-born babies are not people when victims of crimes, what are they when doctors are operating on them prenatally?




  1. Example of a Tweet: Hi @_______. If elected will you work to protect the choice to keep a pregnancy to term? #prebornvictimsofcrime #lifetour #election2015
  2. Example of a Tweet: When a pregnant woman is murdered should the perpetrator be charged for both deaths? @_________ #elxn42 #lifetour #mollymatters


General Questions


  1. When will we recognize the importance of human rights for preborn humans in Canada? What would it take for you to stand up for them?
  2. If the government doesn’t want to talk about abortion, why is it willing to make taxpayers fund them?

Questions to ask your candidate:

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Grassroots democracy is exactly that, grassroots; it’s organic, and it’s the people who need to send the message to their leaders.


Canada’s government needs to hear the message that we need a law! One very effective way to make that happen is by means of a written petition. What a great opportunity to directly affect the policy in our country by using our freedom of expression in this way!




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